MBA – Supply Chain Management

Work on massive international projects, and help the wheels of the global marketplace to keep spinning – become an expert supply chain manager, with a degree from Germany’s largest University of Applied Sciences.

Study model

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 90 ECTS Language: English Online studies and on campus Dual degree: Available

Study duration & extension

18 - 36 months (depending on time model) Free of charge extension period Start online studies: any time Start on campus: up to 4 x per year

Tuition fees

Starting from 111 € (555 €) per month


Admission requirements (MBA) Scholarship Programme MBA Work Experience English language skills

Scholarship options

We offer competitive online scholarships based on merit and personal circumstances The costs of your studies are usually tax-deductible


90 ECTS - English Accredited in line with German and European standards ZFU 153413c


Start your MBA – Supply Chain Management

As the recent global disruptions in supply chains have demonstrated clearly, our increasingly globalised world makes the job of supply chain managers considerably more complex – and considerably more vital.

An excellent supply chain manager can help companies navigate through these challenges successfully, and is therefore a real asset to businesses. If you’re ready to take on these opportunities to test yourself, IU International University of Applied Sciences’ online MBA with a specialisation in Supply Chain Management will prepare you to excel in any industry that requires international logistics.


Start your online studies off with a focus on supply chain management in mind, and explore general business administration concepts as they relate to supply chain issues. Once you’ve established your understanding of multinational business and global markets, you’ll be ready to delve into the requirements and specifications of a successful supply chain.

Analyse the different expectations of various business stakeholders, global regulations, and environmental limitations. Closely review real-world case studies, and gain valuable, practical knowledge that you can use as you make your first steps in the international job market.

Semester 1



Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Corporate Finance


International Marketing


Managerial Economics


Performance Measurement


Once you graduate with an MBA with a specialisation in Supply Chain Management, you’ll be able to find a position in a wide range of industries, and perform several different roles. You could, for example, work as…

Supply Chain Consultant

Supply chain consultants work as external advisors for companies looking to improve their supply chain work systems. Their responsibility is to analyse, review and offer new approaches to the way supply chains operate, based on their experience, business knowledge and data. Standardise workflows and help companies solve problems in this dynamic and inspiring role.

Head of Supply Chain

As head of supply chain, you’ll manage and oversee all logistics comings and goings. From transportation supply chain to dealing with suppliers, you’ll act as the main authority in regards to any logistical or supply chain matter. You’ll work not only to ensure smooth running of operations, but also to constantly improve them, support staff and set business goals.

Supply Chain Operations Manager

Be responsible for planning, supervising and improving cross-business value chain processes and operations. Combine your business administration knowledge and logistics and supply chain expertise, and identify weak spots and key improvement areas before anyone else – saving your employers time and money.

You can start your desired study programme at IU International University of Applied Sciences if you meet the requirements.

The admissions documents must be provided in English or German, if they were not issued in one of these two languages, a translation is required. If you need to translate your documents, we can help refer you to our trusted translation partners. You can find more details here.

Academic criteria: 

  • Completed degree from a public or officially recognised university/higher education institution.
  • At least a “satisfactory” or Grade C equivalent earned in your previous education.
  • Your undergraduate studies must amount to 180 ECTS for an 90-ECTS MBA.
Scholarship Programme MBA:

Start your online degree with our Scholarship Programme and receive a scholarship up to 80%.

This also helps you get started as a participant with immediate access to 50% of your courses even when you don’t meet the full ECTS requirements yet. If you are lacking ECTS credits from your previous studies, you can demonstrate professional work experience instead.

  • To start a 90-ECTS MBA, you need a minimum of 180 ECTS from your previous studies and one year of work experience. You need to provide proof of an additional year of work experience until the end of your programme. Alternatively, if you have already 210 or 240 ECTS upfront, then only one year of work experience is required.
  • To start a 60-ECTS MBA (One-Year MBA), you need a minimum of 210 ECTS from your previous studies and one year of work experience. You need to provide proof of an additional year of work experience until the end of your programme. Alternatively, if you have already 240 ECTS upfront, then only one year of work experience is required. Applicants with only 180 ECTS cannot be registered for a One-Year MBA program.

Once all admissions documents are provided and any relevant admissions courses are complete, you can move forward and finish your degree.​

Questions? Speak to one of our study advisors, they will guide you through every step of the process.

Work Experience:

You will need to submit proof of at least one year’s qualified work experience completed prior to the start of the study programme (the work experience must be gained after the completion of your undergraduate studies).

For MBA programmes, you will also need to have completed a second year of professional work experience before graduating.

English language skills:

At IU, we teach in English to prepare you for the international market.

We therefore ask for proof of your English language skills*. If English is your native language or you graduated from an English-speaking school/university, you don’t need to prove your English skills. 

Accepted certifications: 

  • Speexx* B2.2 Certificate (complimentary when signing up with IU)​ 
  • TOEFL (min. 80 points) or 
  • IELTS (min. Level 6.0 out of 9 points) or 
  • Duolingo English test (min. 95 points) or 
  • Cambridge Certificate (min. B grade overall) or 
  • Equivalent proof